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frequently asked questions (faq)

Anyone located in the territory of: Denmark, Spain, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Lithuania, Hungary, Slovakia, Finland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Austria, Italy, Sweden, France, Czech Republic, Belgium, Poland, Estonia, Greece, Germany, Luxembourg, Latvia, Slovenia, Romaniacan benefit from completely free shipping without any requirements!All EU orders are free from shipping and tax.

We are committed to ensure 100% purchase protection for your shopping done on our website, secured by 256 bit encryption. You can benefit from a safe and secure online ordering experience. We do not store any of your information in our servers, only – name and address (for shipping) and email (for communication about your order). GDPR outlines stricter conditions for said
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The information we collect through orders is solely used to complete
your order!

We stand behind the quality of our products. If you are not happy with the quality of product, if the product come damaged,we will work together to solve the issues for you, according our Return and Refund Policy.

We offer a12 month warranty(6 months for the battery) against defects in workmanship and/or materials from the date of
purchase,we are responsible for sending replacement partsto fix problems, excluding problems caused by personal conduct, abuse, misuse , negligence or accident. We will send replacement parts by regular mail and guide you with instructions.We will replace scooters that have broken down due to defects in materials/workmanship within 7 days from the date of delivery.

Yes, there are a lot of advantages to have a scooter.

-Fuel savings: One of the significant advantages of the electric scooter
is substantial for the pocket of the final consumer: the considerable savings
in gasoline.

-Extremely Convenient: Get from Point A to Point B fast, no more waiting
for the bus, waiting for the taxi. Simply unfold your scooter and you are ready
to go.

-Ecology and respect for the environment: Every
time we use an electric scooter we are contributing our bit to that ecological
spirit that should be present in our daily lives

Hi there, you should consider it regarding the below factors:

Safety/dimensions/performance/comfort/cost/riding condition.

No,we don’t suggestriding it in the rainy day.

Riding in colder temperatures can affect the performance of the scooter.One key thing is to make sure the scooter is always being stored inside.Keeping your rideable in the cold can cause damage to your tires, motor, and battery.

You can keep your scooter sparkly clean!We recommend using a damp cloth to wipe down your product, we've found that using a dry scrub brush gets the job done nicely.Do not immerse soak in water. Products are not water proof just water resistant.

The KUGOO scooter is acompletely foldable electric scooter(patented).The folding process is donein 3 seconds.